Friday, October 2, 2009

Fall 2009 Fashion Week Trends

When the light glossy lips of summer went out of style as the seasons end neared, it was replaced by bold dark lipstick. Models with vampy pouts poured on the stage full force for Fall Fashion Week 2009. Tuleh’s models paraded down the stage wearing a soft smoky eye look and mauve stained lips to accompany them. Another shade of red, brick red, was found on Luca Luca and the Cynthia Steffe’s runway. During the LA fashion week another notable trend was even darker- black lips. Darker lipstick can be intimidating to try, but give it a chance. Your lips deserve to look just as luxe as your smoky rimmed eyes.

Another noticeable trend at 2009 Fall Fashion Week was dark nails. Whether it was a dark raisin polish, found on the DKNY, Luca Luca, and BCBG models, the dark chocolate found at Amanda Fontanarrosa, or the black polish that covered the toes of Miss Sixty models, dark nails came out full force! This style is more doable for the average woman. Whether your choice be a deep plum, sapphire, or cherry, have fun with it! Fall is the perfect time to punctuate your style with small changes such as these.
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Monday, September 21, 2009

Seduction- The X Factor

In the world of Hollywood most actresses sparkle, but only a few stand out from the crowd enough to have earned the title of seductress. Among them are Mae West, Sophia Loren, Eartha Kitt, and Dorothy Dandridge.

Mae West:

Photo Credit
West never hid her curves. She was proud of her body and it showed through in her form fitting wardrobe. One of West’s famous quotes serves as great advice to women around the globe, “Cultivate your curves - they may be dangerous but they won't be avoided.” A voluptuous siren and proud of it. Actually she was called a vamp and was considered controversial for her time after she acted in one of her plays, SEX, she did a stint in jail for obscenity. The naughty seductress!!

Sophia Loren:

International star, Loren, appeared effortlessly seductive with her signature style of neutral colored pouty lips, winged eyeliner and tousled hair. "When Sophia Loren is naked," she once said," there is a lot of nakedness." The Italian Bombshell was born an illegitimate child and raised by a single mother in poverty. Just goes to show can rise from the ashes and learn to be a seductress.

Eartha Kitt:

Photo Credit

The original Catwoman, Kitt, was never caught on camera looking anything but strong and feminine, which was exhibited through her posture and the body skimming dresses she wore. Her purr!!! is unmistakably sexy and delicious. Every time I hear it, it just goes way over my head. It's the cheek bones, the defiant attitude and those cat eyes that make her simply irresistible! Another one born in poverty, never knew her father (are you noticing a trend here?). She had a style, a look which has yet to be duplicated.

Dorothy Dandridge

Photo Credit
Dorothy Dandridge was the consummate seductress with what many referred to as an "Angel Face". Just goes to show that you can have a sweet pretty face and still be seductive. She may have the face of an angel but her spirit certainly was flirtatious and sultry. A natural beauty with a liking for seductive red lips and skin the color of caramel. She has been imitated by such current icons as Halle Berry who produced, the Dorothy Dandridge Story, and by Beyonce who played an Urban version of Ms. Dandridge's famous Carmen Jones.

These women all possess that strong, sensual, feminine quality known as seduction. That ex-factor that's so clear yet so elusive. Who else do you think is seductive?

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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Your New “Magic Wand”

After a long day, the last thing you want to think about is what didnt wash off your face. The truth is that traces and dirt may still be on your face at the end of the day, even after you wash your face. The Clarisonic facial brush promises to clean off makeup six times more effectively than your normal cleansing routine. Photo Credit

Clarisonic raves that the brush is the best investment you can make for your skin. Clearly, this company is not the only source that thinks this. The Clarisonic facial brush, which uses sonic technology at a rate of 300 movements per second to cleanse pores, has been featured in magazines such as Glamour, Elle, Allure, Redbook and many more. Reviewers have praised it, calling it a magic wand.

Benefits of this magic wand include:

  • Gentle enough for use twice daily

  • Allows for better application of moisturizer after the brush is used

  • Reduces the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and visible pores

  • Reduces the problems that go along with combination skin: dry patches blemishes, oily areas

  • Leaves skin looking and feeling soft

While the Clarisonic brush is pricey at $149, it is more than worth it to add to your daily routine. Each day you will wake up with smooth beautiful looking skin. What woman wouldnt want to wake up to that?

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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Do You Know What You’re Putting on Your Face?

Every day women wake up and start their morning routines of slathering on moisturizer and makeup without giving their routines a second thought. Due to the lack of regulation the Food and Drug Administration has over cosmetics companies, every woman should be thinking about what is in her cosmetics. Photo Credit

Three Toxins to Watch Out For:

  • Parabens are synthetic chemicals used as preservatives in a wide variety of personal care products including: makeup, moisturizers, and hair care products. Parabens have been linked to certain types of cancer, including breast cancer. The FDA does require products to include parabens in the list of ingredients. The most common parabens used are methylparaben, propylparaben, isoparaben, or butylparaben. If you feel uncomfortable using products with these ingredients listed you can seek out cosmetic companies that vow to make paraben free products.
  • In a 2007 study the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics found that 61% of 33 brand name lipsticks contain detectable levels of lead. In the CSCs study it explains that lead is dangerous because it can build up in the body and can cause learning, language, and behavioral problems.
  • Nail polish toxins: Due to public pressure several big names in the nail polish industry have begun to remove toxins from their products. These toxins include dibutyl phthalate (DBP), formaldehyde, and toluene, which have been linked to cancer and birth defects. Make sure the polishes you use are on the safe list.

Take action!

It might be shocking to find out that a product you have become comfortable with is actually unsafe. But you dont have to sit back and let companies continue to take advantage of you. The CSC provides ideas to stop cosmetics companies from getting away with including harmful chemicals in their products, and have a list of more than 1,000 companies that have declared to make cosmetics safer with the Compact for Safe Cosmetics project. Where do you stand in the debate for safe cosmetics? Stumble Upon Toolbar Add to

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Finding the Perfect Foundation

Photo Credit

Have you ever been in the department store scanning each beauty counter without a clue as to which foundation shade will work out for you? Have you thought you found the right shade and then taken it home only to realize it wasnt right at all? Well youre not alone and Im here to help you unmask the mystery of which foundations work best on women of color.

Follow these steps to help you find your perfect shade

  • Examine the color of your skin. Is it even all over? When you look at your jaw line, forehead, nose, and cheeks, do you see blue, red, or yellow undertones?
  • Before you go to the store consider your foundation needs. Do you need more coverage? Do you prefer an oil free formula?
  • Going to a department store will be your best bet since youll be able to try on each shade/formula and make sure it is the correct one for you. Try the foundation on different areas of your face to make sure it complements your overall skin tone. Make sure to try a shade above and below the one you think is right and to go out into the natural light (sometimes store lighting can be deceiving).
  • You can also have the sales associate assist you in finding the right shade. Its always good to have a second opinion!
  • If you find the shade that melts into your skin and seems to disappear, then youve found it! Get ready to take your perfect shade home.

Recommended Brands:

  • Bobbi Brown: Browns line has a range of shades and offers eight formulas to choose from including oil free and SPF 15 formulas. Bobbi has worked hard to create a timeless line which will allow you to walk away with products that enhance your natural beauty. Product prices range from $22 to $45 and products can be found in department stores. All formulas received more than four star ratings from customers.
  • IMAN: Iman is the first to create a makeup line for women of color. She understands that women of color represent many different backgrounds and she has tailored her line based on this. There are 16 shades of foundation, which have been formulated to match a range of undertones! Prices start at $14.99. Products are sold at Target, Walgreens, Walmart, and Ulta.
  • MAC: MAC, cosmetics, has over 11 foundation formulas and a variety of colors to choose from. MAC Studio Tech is a favorite. It comes in a compact and is a cream to powder formula. This foundation delivers matte results. Youll be sure to look calm, cool, and collected at all times with this in your makeup bag. MAC can be found in department stores and the price of Studio Tech foundation is $29.50.
  • Makeupforever: This is another brand with a wide range of tints and formulas to choose from. You wont go wrong if you go for this brand. It has been featured in countless magazines around the world including in Marie Claire of Russia, Intrend Magazine of Malaysia, and W magazine of USA. You can order online at the Sephora website. Prices start at $8 (for the trial size) and range to $40.
  • Prescriptives: No need to worry if you're having trouble deciding the color of the undertones in your skin. Prescriptives is available at department stores and can do custom blending for your skin tone. The sales associate will also tell you the undertone of your skin. Prices start at $32.50.

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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Beauty and Style is on the Air

There's a new place to get beauty, makeup, and style advice. Get Your Style Right Girl, on BlogTalkRadio, a new show hosted by International Model, and Beauty and Lifestyle Expert, Yvette Ervin will unlock the intrigue of what all Beauty Insiders and Fashionista's know; "it's not what you got, but how you use it." Yvette is a veteran of the international beauty and style scene and has worked with some of the best creative talent in the industry.

Check out our show page for all show details. You can even call in and get your questions answered or do the live chat thing too. BlogTalk is so hot even our President recently used it to talk to listeners about Health care. In the age of generation X this is "how we do it."

On August 31st at 8:00 pm, Get Your Style Right Girl, will tell you how to create a flawless face, look years younger, and exude confidence. Trust me, you will never walk away with tons of products you don't use again. See you on the air!
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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

What Style of Beauty are you Selling?

What you look like says a lot about you. It's a reflection of how you feel about yourself. The question is what are you selling?

Are you polished and chic or a fashionista who marches to your own beat? Whether you fluctuate between styles or have your own signature style, here are five celebrity beauties that have created their own unique brand that remains unforgettable. Tell us if you see a bit of yourself in any of these amazing women.

Diana Ross, Seductive and Powerful

With Billboard Magazine naming her Female Entertainer of the Century in 1976, this diva has a lot to live up to. Ross does so not only with her powerful voice, but also her approach to beauty. Ross emphasizes multiple features with her long black mess of curls, bold red lips, smoky eyes and lush lashes. Ross’s look grabs attention and plays up a woman’s ability to be a seductress.

Audrey Hepburn, A Graceful Classic

One famous image exists in the minds of millions. She wears a long black dress with a full skirt, a sparkling tiara sits on top of her head, a pair of large black sunglasses cover her eyes and a playful smile is spread across her face. You don’t have to remove the sunglasses to realize that this image is of Audrey Hepburn. She is a style icon whose look will continue to inspire women for generations to come. When we think of classic we will always think of Audrey.

Eryka Badu, A Consciously Natural Beauty

It’s easy to see why Ebony Magazine recently named Badu an “It” Icon. Her confidence shows through in her natural beauty. Badu leaves her long curly hair unprocessed and frequently wears colorful head wraps. The only visible traces of makeup on her skin are her glossy lips and lightly lined eyes. She is an individual who brings the bohemian style center stage and makes you proud to be a woman. Her look says she knows who she is and knows how she wants to live her life, which is on her own terms.

Michelle Obama, Polished and Confident

America's first lady has brought a breath of fresh air to the Washington DC style scene ever since she and the first family moved into the White House earlier this year. She is on every best dressed list and Americans watch her anxiously to see what her next fashion statement will be. Americans look forward to Mrs.O’s signature style of natural makeup, bright smile, and flawless features. She shows women that you can have it all: intelligence, family, romance, style and beauty. She is a beauty with a purpose.

Photo Credit Jim Young / Reuters

Amy Winehouse, An Eccentric Beauty

While Winehouse has received negative attention from the media, she has also earned positive feedback for her bold makeup choices. Lady Gaga credits Winehouse on her look saying, "I will always have a very deep love for Amy Winehouse. Because of Amy, very strange girls like me go to prom with very good-looking guys." She proves that daring makeup can work.

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